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What Are The Benefits Of Custom WordPress Website Development?

Launching a business online is not easy. The digital world demands that any company (big or small) has a website. In a world where there are multiple alternatives to every product or service, it has become more imperative than ever to set yourself apart from the competition. A well designed, fast and responsive website is the first step to get started. 

When it comes to designing and developing a website for your company  you may find yourself with 2 broad choices:

 1) Go for a bought ready-made themes

2)Go for custom-design themes 

While each has its pros and cons, in this article, I will be focusing on custom WordPress website development. Before we get started, it’s important to understand what WordPress is and how it fares vis-à-vis its competitors.

WordPress: The King Of Content Management Systems

WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, is hard to ignore. Founded in 2003, it is an open-source content management system, written in PHP and licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use or modify the software for free. It features a plug-in architecture and a template system, also known as themes.   Millions of websites today are powered by WordPress, in fact, to put it more precisely, WordPress powers over one-third of the web! It holds a 63% market share for content management systems on websites with a known CMS. Here’s a snake peak of how it fares against competitors :

Benefits of Custom WordPress Website Development 

Stand Out From The Crowd


How do you save your business from getting drowned in the sea of competitors? The answer is by having a unique, clean and responsive website. It’s the best way to stand out from the crowd and leave an impression in the minds of your visitors. This can be achieved with the help of custom WordPress websites. WordPress offers a plethora of themes and plug-ins that can be easily integrated as per the requirement to provide an extensive range of features and functionalities in your website. This improves brand visibility.  

The fact remains that design is still important, especially when it comes to websites. How a visitor feels after coming to your website plays a key role in getting them to convert into customers. When you work with a ready-made theme, however, there is little scope for creativity. You are stuck with the pre-set design and a website that could look like a clone of many existing websites out there. This is not the case for custom WordPress websites. There is no limitation in creativity thus it can differentiate your website from the crowd.

Provides Speed & Performance


In this fast-paced digital age, slow and steady cannot win the race. If you are slow, you are simply out of the game. This applies to your website as well. 

A Custom WordPress website loads faster. This is because working with a WordPress development agency means that you are working with skilled and technically sound professionals who follow clean coding practices with no hard-coded gaps. In turn, delivering fine-tuned websites that perform better in terms of speed and optimization. This is done by leveraging lazy-loading practice,  minimal to no 3rd party integrations and ensuring that only the features you need are included in your theme. Optimized code means an overall faster website. Moreover, we all know that Google rewards faster websites! 

3. Support


It is important to note that WordPress is an open-source platform. This means that anyone can use, study, change and redistribute its source code allowing others to not only study the code but also improve it by testing, bug reporting, and submitting patches. The programming codes are readily available. This ensures that a  developer regardless of his/her skill level can easily modify and customize WordPress plug-ins in order to create a unique experience for the visitors. 

Moreover, WordPress also has a great support forum where developers can learn, share their knowledge as well as report security vulnerabilities.  Developing a custom WordPress website development offers a greater amount of support for when your website goes down compared to ready-made WordPress themes.

4.Seamlessly Upgradable Websites

 What’s the use of a website that cannot scale as your business grows? Luckily, Custom WordPress websites are highly scalable. This essentially means that one can easily add more content, pages, features, and functionalities to the website as the business grows without compromising on website performance. When you develop custom WordPress websites, you can incorporate only the features you really require, hence creating an easy to manage website, which will inherently scale better. Avoiding unnecessary codes, unwarranted features and unused shortcodes (present in the premium theme) on your website will allow it to scale smoothly. 

On the contrary, purchased WordPress themes may require you to rely more on plugins which in reality don’t serve any function. 

5.Safety and Security


Initially, when WordPress was launched, there were widespread criticisms about its lack of security. However, over the years, this myth of security concerns has been debunked as WordPress has emerged as one of the most secure platforms for website development.

 A custom WordPress theme can be designed keeping in mind high security and threats from hackers. In case there are any concerns after the launch of the website, it can be tackled quickly(owing to the developer’s technical know-how) without allowing it to disrupt the performance of the website.
By using a few basic plug-ins for security, you can make your WordPress website secure which hackers will have a tough time cracking. On the other hand, when you work with any premade plugin, there is a constant concern about potential threats. Hence, a custom WordPress theme is a far better option over a pre-developed theme that comes with loopholes and threats from malicious activities. 

Summing Up

Ask yourself: Do you really want the headache of creating and managing your own WordPress website? Chasing down bugs, website going down without any backup support- sounds like a nightmare right? Working with Custom WordPress Development Company can keep these fears at bay. Custom WordPress websites are faster, SEO-friendly, secure, seamlessly upgradable as well as customizable. If your company has the budget, then a custom-tailored WordPress website is worth a serious consideration.


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