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When I Work Review 2022 – Top 10 Employee Scheduling Software

When I Work is a staff scheduling program with attendance and timekeeping capabilities. It features desktop and mobile tools to help organize shifts and track time. Thanks to its cloud-based and scalable infrastructure, you may begin with a single site subscription and expand as your business grows to numerous sites. Hence, if you have been searching for the best time and attendance system for your business with shift workers, When I Work might be worth trying. If you are unfamiliar with the application, this article will assist you in learning more.

The Verdict
When I Work When I Work

Plausible and affordable personnel scheduling and time tracking are hard to come by, but When I Work has everything you require. It offers labor cost predictions and multi-personnel messaging capabilities, which help you efficiently oversee your hourly employees and team communication and establish time plans and track attendance online. No credit card is necessary for a 2-week free trial of When I Work.

  • Cost-Free and Resourceful Program
  • The WhenIWork pricing plans are sufficiently versatile for use in various sectors. It makes no difference if you are a sole proprietor, a tiny business, or a huge corporation. With the program, you can choose from various When I Work price options depending on the number of employees. You may use the free edition to get a feel for the app's functionality before committing to a paying subscription. Without any additional fees or hidden When I Work app costs, you may begin using the free plan to communicate, schedule, and recruit new talents.
  • Improved Organization
  • The platform lets you restructure and manage the time planning procedure. Hence, you can achieve more in less time. You can construct a calendar for the whole week in seconds, and you can check to see that all of your employees have their programs organized appropriately. In general, this program helps you stay organized, and it allows you to monitor any modifications that may occur to any shif
  • Despite numerous users providing excellent reviews regarding the software, several online reviewers noted that there are bugs lacing the mobile app service execution at times and that some of the capabilities, such as making mass schedule changes, are not user-friendly. However, it is an outstanding piece of software.

About Company

When I Work is a scheduling software for enterprises and organizations for labor optimizations and better workforce management. Heads of teams and authorized staff may create, modify, cancel, and publish shifts using this software’s cloud-based platform.

This helps ensure that all of your workers’ open schedules are filled. With a few clicks, you may approve shift changes from your team members. In addition to making it easy for your employees to clock in and out, it simplifies the entire scheduling process.

The program is helpful in a wide range of industries, from small ones to large ones, courtesy of its fantastic WhenIWork pricing strategy. The application will stay accessible if you do not have more than 75 employees. And it works best with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11. It also works with iPhones and Android phones.

By deploying the program’s clock and scheduling features, employees of the same organization may easily keep track of their time. Additionally, it lets supervisors keep track of employees working remotely.

You can see slots in your employees’ schedules that require filling up by your subordinates throughout the workday. Thus, resulting in the company’s productivity rising steadily.


In my assessment of employee scheduling software, When I Work has the most extended list of services, but a lot of them cost money. Fortunately, basic features like time and availability planning and management are now available to you for the princely sum of $0.

Before proceeding into the pricing and subscription sections, let us pay attention to at When I Work can do for you.

  1. Employee Scheduling

The program’s drag-and-drop features simplify creating schedules and allocating staff to each shift. Upon making a plan, you can instantly share it with your employees for consent. Also, the workers can manage, bid on, and exchange shifts if the tracking system is developed on a shift-swapping rostrum. You can establish restrictions, for instance, the number of hours or how much overtime compensation a worker can earn. You can save the previous work hours based on the timesheet to design your future time plan.

Another exciting service under employee scheduling is When I Work’s ability to track who has seen the time plan. This informs the bosses that the employees are informed of their upcoming shifts, something crucial in businesses with regularly varying shifts.

  1. Time Reporting

Workers can clock in and out using various gadgets, such as computers and cell phones. Data processing takes place in real-time, eliminating the need for a server. And if you have a variety of positions, you can define different pay rates.

  1. Time-Off Management

Using When I Work, you can oversee your workers’ time off. A few examples are someone clocking in too early or working too many warnings. As a result, existing labor rules are adhered to. Time and labor expenditures may be tracked and accounted for on any gadget using the program, which can automatically subtract unpaid breaks from the wages.

Using the mobile app, workers can manage their time off by endorsing new time plans, asking for shift exchanges, and requesting open shifts. The software allows bosses and team leaders to accept or refuse staff’s time-off appeals.

  1. Communication

The employee scheduling program has a one-of-a-kind called WorkChat, which allows bosses and team leaders to disseminate messages to employees, including hyperlinks and docs. Similarly, team members can provide comments at the end of their shifts. It is possible to send broadcast or one-on-one SMS from your device and get immediate alerts of their receipts. If supervisors have access to the application, they may understand how the shift was, even in absentia.

  1. Geotechnology

Courtesy of the Geofencing technology, you can restrict where your team members can clock in and out using the app. Businesses with many branches or movable sites, like food trucks, can benefit from this. With smartphones, you can verify that your team members or subordinates are clocking in and out at their assigned places.

  1. Budgeting

The When I Work scheduling application also lets you manage your finances. It is possible to view how much you will use on the payroll for all the workers based on your submitted remuneration rules and data. The software has a feature that lets you see precisely the amount of money you are using on all the shifts.

You can use the program with globally-renowned payroll systems when paying the staff members for the number of hours they work. Also, you can export timesheet information to a CSV file for utilization with another payroll system.

  1. Hiring Platform

The Human Resource department can deploy the When I Work’s recruiting rostrum to identify the best candidates for job slots. This feature notifies several job boards regarding the open position within your organization. Once your candidates have submitted their resumes, you can keep track of them and organize them. As a bonus, this feature aids in your search for the best possible candidate.

Plans and Pricing

The employee scheduling program provides free access to its core scheduling functions for businesses with 75 employees. If you like more robust time planning and communication capabilities, you must advance to basic for $2 per user or pro for $2.50 per user. A business with special pricing provides extra stuff such as complete API access, custom integration possibilities, and custom reporting.

  • Free: $ 0/User
  • Basic: $ 2.00/User
  • Pro: $ 2.50/User

When you attain the following milestones: 75 workers, a second location, the creation of a double team, or the desire to make schedules more than ten days in advance, you must begin paying for When I Work. Look at Auto Scheduling and Task Management tools, which may be more appealing to some users.

You may opt to pay for the When I Work platform monthly or annually because it is provided as a pay-as-you-go service, which means you have both of these payment options available to you. If you decide that you would like to transfer services, you are free to do so. Credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted as forms of payment.


The free plan allows for an unlimited number of users, up to 75. It provides specific scheduling features, which facilitate communication with a particular group of people, and you get access to a constrained set of capabilities when you utilize the free edition. These features include team plans, team chat, time-off requests, shift swapping, templates, and Open Shift management.


You can take advantage of limitless robust scheduling for the low When I Work cost of $2.0 per user. This service is geared at companies that need to maintain continual communication with employees located in different places. This ensures that you are up to date and keeps your connection with critical team members, even if they are located in a distinct time zone. The Basic plan includes all of the capabilities in the introductory package and extra features such as scheduling for ten days or more in advance, numerous timetables and sites, and insight into overtime.


The Pro package has a per-user fee of $2.50 and is often the best-valued of all the other plans. It has sophisticated scheduling capabilities that make it easy and open for teams to communicate. You gain access to all of the features available in the Free and Basic tiers and the advanced ones. Auto-scheduling, shift bidding, and labor reports that demand attendance is some of the included features.


This plan is entirely customizable to meet your company’s requirements; thus, there is no set WhenIWork pricing for it. You will get access to all of the features provided by this solution as part of this package. The Enterprise package provides you with the right of entry to API and single sign-on, worldwide privacy, labor awareness, a devoted account administrator, and customized execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What integrations are available for When I Work?

The When I Work platform is compatible with various company operations, payroll, and point-of-sale (POS) software. Simple pay and QuickBooks are some of the payroll connectors available. On the other hand, GoCo, Rippling, and Square POS are compatible.

What problems will When I Work solve?

When I Work is an all-encompassing time and attendance solution that has the potential to resolve several Human Resource issues. You can quickly organize workers with distinct shift types and hours thanks to the scheduling capabilities of this software. Personnel can see their schedules in detail, which reduces the likelihood of missing shifts and duplicate bookings. Employees may also place bids on shifts and swap them with one another, which cuts down on the time the team leaders need to deploy hiring workers to fill shifts.

Since the picture clock-in attribute mitigates the buddy punching challenge, your organization will save cash on unworked hours. In addition to this, the program may assist you in adjusting personnel numbers by analyzing shift plans compared to actual labor expenditures.

How much does When I Work cost?

The software’s scheduling tools have a starting price of $2 per month per member of staff, while the time and attendance tracking attribute demands you part with an extra $2 every month for every team member.

Does When I Work cater to Specific Industries?

Enterprises in various sectors may use time clock systems like When I Work. Regardless of your business, you might profit from a system like When I Work if you need to shift from spreadsheet-based scheduling to a more structured and centralized method.

Does When I Work offer multi-user capability?

When I Work enables the management of numerous job sites and timetables and facilitates communication between members through in-app chat.

Who are the main user groups of When I Work?

When I Work is a great time planning tool for organizations that utilize hourly workers. With the software’s simple time planning and attendance systems, every boss and team leader responsible for drafting a staff member’s timetable will save cash and time.

What platforms does When I Work support?

In addition to a web interface and free smartphone apps for generating and maintaining schedules, the program also places the schedule and time clock directly in your workers’ hands.

Is The Program Right For You?

This program is ideal for companies that need to manage shifts and keep track of their employees’ time. You can use this program if your staff work in shifts. Because it’s a pay-as-you-go service, you may choose to pay monthly or annually for the When I Work platform. A wide range of industries, including the hotel sector, have used the software’s capabilities. Additionally, it has aided these companies in streamlining their processes and better serving their clients.

You can keep a close eye on your employees with the help of When I Work tools that help you manage shift changes, overtime appeals, and labor reports. You should consider utilizing the software if your company has many employees and operates from many locations. If you are ready to see how the program works, set up a meeting with the WhenIWork demo expert to get insight into the software functions.