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Why Should You Focus on Content for Your “Website SEO” ?

All leading search engines work tirelessly to improve the quality of search results. Each user judges the quality of the displayed results in his/her own way. However, search engines can easily understand which websites or web pages are the most relevant for the searched terms and they show them in results accordingly.

In spite of the rapid development of the internet search, search engines are still unable to perceive texts, images or videos in the same way as done by SEO professionals, companies, and visitors. So, while ranking websites in their SERPs, they rely on meta-data and observe the behavior of users to determine the content quality and websites accordingly.

That is why only high-quality content should be utilized in different SEO activities. The content should contain keywords corresponding to search queries and must be informative. It ought to be optimized for search engines and people too.

All SEO professionals demand high-quality content for launching different digital marketing activities and sales campaigns. When you use quality-content in website optimization, it may attract the attention of the targeted audience and perform well in the SERP of all leading search engines. So, high-quality content plays a key role in SEO. Just have a look at some of its benefits which are detailed here below:

1. Content Role in User involvement With Your Brand

When search engines display results, they track the user’s response without any fail. They use the obtained results to meet their expectations. If the user clicks on a page, close it immediately and go to another web page, it means that he/she is not satisfied with the offered content.

“Long clicks” when a user spends some time on the website) are one of the main indicators of the content quality. Using this method, search engines process millions of requests every day, evaluate content quality, and display them accordingly. So, write content in plain and simple language and try to make it more user-friendly using images, infographics, charts, videos, etc. All these things help users to understand the content easily and they love to spend more time on your website.

2. Content Role in Website Ranking

All website owners want to improve the ranking of their site in Google and other important search engines. For this, they optimize websites with the latest SEO tricks. The success of your website optimization activities depends on the quality-content. If you use high-quality content in website optimization activities, search engines prefer your website while displaying results in its SERP. The use of low-quality content in SEO activities irks search engines and they might blacklist your website for this unfair activity. So, optimize your website with good-quality content and help your website to rank well on all major search engines with all important keywords under your niche.

3. Content Role in Machine Learning

Google used to the help of assessors to manually evaluate thousands of sites and determine their positions in its SERP. In 2011, Google launched Panda update to evaluate website content automatically. It used machine learning for the content evaluation. So, the ranking of the majority of websites got affected. So, you must use only high-quality content in website optimization to help your website sustain the panda update and rank well in Google’s SERP.

4. Reference Structure of Websites

Search engines use external links on a website as an indicator to determine its popularity. The more quality and informative the site is, the more often it is referred to the needy individuals. While looking for websites or web pages for search engines, search engine bots use high parameters to determine their popularity. They penalize low-quality and purchased links. Always keep in mind that natural links still remain an important factor for ranking, which is generated only when quality content is used.

5. Transaction Requests (For Business & E-commerce websites)

The SEO professionals who optimize business and E-commerce websites, tend to use high-quality content that generates interest among the targeted audience (about a particular brand) and encourages them to buy products/services in great numbers. Most digital marketing professionals use the default content provided by product manufacturers.

They cause content duplication issues and websites optimized with such content doesn’t perform well. The continuous use of duplicate content on business and E-commerce websites undermine their credibility in the eyes of search engines and people alike.

They are punished with a low ranking in search results or search engines delete the website data from its server for the violation of their SEO rules. So, while optimizing business or E-commerce websites, SEO professionals must use high-quality content to boost the ranking of the websites on all major search engines and increase the number of transactions.

6. Navigational Queries

Navigational Queries are made by visitors to find specific pages or content on websites. Generally, complex E-commerce, business, or trade-related websites get such queries in bulk. Content plays an important role here. If your website content is of high-quality, you get such requests in bulk and chances of more lead generation opportunities also. So, keep the website navigation path simple and straightforward and offer the quality content visitors are desperately searching for.

Final Words

All digital marketing professionals are aware of the huge-importance of high-quality content. It helps them to improve the ranking of websites on all major search engines, catch the attention of a large number of audience and generate the maximum leads. So, use quality content in your SEO exercise and rule the web.


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