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Why Use a Niche WordPress Theme on Your Website

Hey you! Just trying to figure out which WordPress theme would be the best for your website? We know that sometimes, this is a challenging task. There are so many themes out there, on dedicated or individual markets, that you’re overwhelmed. In addition, all the authors are showcasing the benefits of using their product in beautiful words and visually appealing images. So, if you’re not accustomed to technical words such as taxonomies, flexible blocks, sticky sidebars, smart lists or widgets, every sentence may be hard to understand. In this article, we’re focusing on telling you why it’s important to use a niche premium WordPress theme on your website.

Premium theme vs. free theme

Let’s take the following situation; when you want to buy a car, you may consider two options: old (second-and) or a new one. If the car is 20 years old, it comes with hidden problems you’re not aware of when buying it. When the car is new and premium, you don’t worry. In the WordPress theme industry, we can see a similar case. It’s whether a free theme or a premium one. Also, you can decide on a multipurpose template vs. an established niche. The possibilities in this field are endless. For instance, having a website with different categories of the content doesn’t mean you have to go for a  multipurpose theme. For example, if you publish lifestyle-purposed, home decor, or medical content, you can as well decide for a theme that excels in that specific domain. It’s all about the features you get and how easily you can customize your website. If it’s flexible and performant enough for you. 

Reasons to Choose a Niche WordPress Theme

On-short, what’s best when going for a niche WordPress theme is that you have exactly the tools you need. Don’t worry! We’ve highlighted below the most common things you should ask yourself before jumping on a theme.

  1. First of all, you need to make sure it’s a legit theme, from an authorized author or market. The web is full of websites that try to draw your attention by grouping the best selling themes in attractive pricing packages. Furthermore, there are nulled sites where you can “free” download a premium theme version. Well, the price you might not know you’re paying could be the security of your website.
  2. Do you want to design a presentation website for your business with unique landing pages for the products? Do you want to sell goods and develop an e-commerce site? Or maybe, it’s an online newspaper? Whatever the case, you should look out for ready-made and customizable demos and layout designs.
  3. How often are you going to publish content? Do you need special post tools such as smart lists, flexible headers, or footers? For a more complete and easy-to-navigate interface, you could show a sticky sidebar with widgets such as weather, currency or just the most recent comments.
  4. Decide whether your website needs a simple menu or a stylish mega menu. Both options are a great way to organize pages, categories, or posts. Though, the main benefit of the mega menu is that it’s expandable and you can show image thumbnails.
  5. Does your audience need to browse your website from different devices? You should definitely go for a responsive and AMP ready theme.
  6. Test the theme’s default demo to view its page speed insights, metrics, and recommendation. For sure, your website needs to perform seamlessly, at high standards. There are online tools that let you measure a demo website performance, and if it’s slow and bulky, there are chances that when using that theme, your website will be too.
  7. Furthermore, an important aspect that people often forget is how a theme’s author handles the item’s technical support.


I want to wrap up this article by saying that you need to choose your theme wisely. Pick one that’s intuitive and easy to use. Also, if a template is packed with features you can highly customize on the frontend, it’s a great advantage. I strongly recommend to define your business, then select a premium WordPress theme which accommodates your needs. Let us know in the comments what’s your favorite theme :).


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