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Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Next Website

If you have ever opened a browser and went online, you are likely to have heard of WordPress. The reason behind the planetary popularity of this CMS software and platform is the fact it’s free to use. Furthermore, pretty much anyone who has basic computer skills can learn to use WordPress and design their own web presentation from scratch.

Such a platform was unimaginable in the early days of the Internet. Nowadays, there are over a billion websites online that are enriched with content regularly. The boom was made possible thanks to CMS software like WordPress which allows everyone who likes to join the global online community. Whether you’re a farmer in Belgium or the head of marketing of an international tech startup, you can have your very own website or blog.

True freeware

We’ve mentioned that WordPress is free but there are bound to be some in-app purchases, right? With WordPress, this adjective lives up to its original meaning. WordPress users are in no way required to pay any for creating the website, although they need to pay for the domain an amount ranging from 4 to 45 dollars.

However, you aren’t obliged to accept WordPress’s offer as there are thousands of providers out there. The fact that this platform comes without any hidden costs, makes it quite popular among people who aren’t tech-savvy. Apart from paying for web hosting, the only things you’ll have to invest are your free time and creativity.

Easy to use

Like we’re pointed out in the introduction, almost anyone can use WordPress. The platform’s interface is amazingly simple to the point that if you know how to play a computer game, you’ll know how to use WordPress. Basically, it all comes down to selecting, rather than creating the right theme, at least in terms of graphic design.  In the past, launching a website involved hiring a team of people including a designer and a programmer was a must. Now, you don’t even have to know how to code to put your brand online.

It is worth noting that such (over)simplicity behind WordPress’s design is changing the digital landscape for all times. The ability of a layman, who cannot design a logo, doesn’t know what HTML involves, and cannot produce a single line of code, to establish an online presence is mind-boggling. WordPress has truly opened up the digital marketing market to everyone by allowing them to launch competitive presentations of their work.

A whole new business

In medieval times, a whole entourage would follow an army going to war. We live in more civilized times but there are still such entourages that follow intrepid forerunners. Yes, we are speaking of WordPress and the buzz it is able to create business-wise. Namely, the content management solution might be free but here is a whole niche market that grew around it.

Entrepreneurs and brands alike saw an opportunity for creating custom themes, plugins, as various their services for this CMS. The fact that a huge number of people (the whole world’s a market) uses WordPress, actually means that there is a huge consumer that savvy IT people can tap into. A supermarket offers you a cookie to buy the whole box and in the world of CMS’s, WordPress is that cookie.

Custom-tailored web hosting

We’ve mentioned before how the only mandatory cost of using WordPress is web hosting and even this payment is not directly linked to the CMS platform. Therefore, WordPress-focused solutions are in demand now more than ever before. Shared hosting is not a good solution, as WordPress has specific requirements in terms of software and management so custom-tailored hosting is really a necessity, to the joy of all the top Australian Internet providers.

Value and content management

Any good marketing agency will tell that engaging content lies at the heart of any website’s SEO success. However, there are millions of personal web presentations and blogs out there that are poorly managed but with great content. Because of ill management excellent pages are not finding their way to readers.

Some of these bloggers and Internet enthusiasts are located in New South Wales but they are still finding it hard to drive traffic to their website despite all the help available in the vicinity. A little expert help to boost SEO in Sydney is just the thing your blog needs. Once you see the number of visits rise, you can start cashing in on the great content that had been sitting idle online for years.

Good for business

Speaking of money, countless websites made with WordPress belong to brands that are in the business of making money. For a small hosting fee, they are able to use a free CMS platform to earn money online through written content like blogs and online videos that can all be embedded in a WordPress website. From the entrepreneurial point of view, WordPress is magical: you invest next to nothing to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Benefiting from a great community

Another benefit of the fact everyone can use WordPress is there is a large developer community online. This means that there isn’t a feature that doesn’t come without a user-generated tutorial and any issues you might experience have already been solved by others. Like the platform itself, all of these pieces of advice are totally free.

We are not only referring to forums and message boards, as WordPress users have made thousands of instructional videos as well. Add entire eBooks and similar material available as freeware online and you perhaps the only CMS that comes with free support. Even if nothing goes wrong with setting up your website, you will always find info on how to improve it at any WordPress community forum. Don’t shy from opening a new topic of your own, as other users will be glad to assist you.

A website and a blog

Most people who use WordPress know exactly what kind of platform they need. Bloggers come for a blog, while businesses mostly want a website. Since WordPress is the ideal CMS for both, why not use it to the fullest!

If you’re a blogger, haven’t you felt that your readers need a reference point that is more than a YouTube channel or a Facebook fan page? Your WordPress blog should be coupled with a website, regardless of how rudimentary it might seem. On the other hand, businesses falsely believe that a website and a strong social media presence is all they need. However, their SEO strategy would largely benefit from a blog whose creation is effortless if you use WordPress.

A mobile-friendly piece of software

Not many free CMS’s come with a mobile-friendly design. Luckily, WordPress is not one of them, as website and blogs made using it will look the same regardless of the device you access it from. It is estimated that some 18 million Australians access the Internet through their smartphones right now. Whoever your target audience may be, it is all the likelihood that they will access your website using their tablets and smartphones.

You should follow through this “on the go” trend and use WordPress to create mobile-friendly websites and blogs. If you miss out on this seemingly insignificant detail, you can say goodbye to your SEO strategy, as mobile-friendliness is a standard nowadays. It’s not a question whether you want your website to look good on any device but this feature has become a real need.

Basic and premium themes

One of the reasons why WordPress’s interface is as simple as it is is a wide selection of themes. All you have to do is select one that you fancy and that is in accordance with your brand. The basic themes are free of charge but installing premium WordPress themes has several benefits. Firstly, your design opinions become virtual unlimited as you get to tweak every little detail. Furthermore, the selection of themes becomes even wider, making your visual identity unique and likable. Apart from themes, WordPress offers a multitude of plugins that make creating a website even easier than it already is.

Whether you already have a website or you are planning to launch a blog, WordPress is a CMS platform worth considering, to say the least. It is free, easy to use, and comes with countless themes to choose from.


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