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WorkOtter Review 2022 – Top 10 Project Management Software

Instead of using complicated PPM software or online spreadsheets, you may use WorkOtter’s cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) solution. Prioritizing projects, standardizing essential procedures, and allocating responsibilities to personnel are all advantages that project managers enjoy. All projects have their current status and deadlines for improved communication among the many stakeholders.

The Verdict
WorkOtter WorkOtter

This program takes dashboards to a whole new level. Users can expand their view to include the whole organization through the program and portfolio dashboards when viewing KPIs from different roles. Managing resources is one of the most challenging aspects of any project, especially when the business unit has a restricted budget. WorkOtter's Human Resources perspective enables CEOs to make proactive choices about staffing and spending.

  • There is a better return on investment for businesses that adopt proven project management principles since more of their key objectives are executed. Project portfolio management (PPM) has evolved as one of the essential roles of a project management office in the previous years, so it is not surprising. Potential ideas are evaluated by considering the project's predicted performance, risk, and compatibility with the organization's plan.
  • Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy using the Work Otter PPM platform in your businesses;
  • It Improves Decision-making Based on Better Information.
  • Every day, senior executives must make a large number of choices. For the sake of the future of your company's history, you must get things done correctly. For example, does this significant investment alter the enterprise or eventually contribute to an instability of the stock value? Accurate, actual evidence is the only way to make ground-breaking conclusions. Work Otter Portfolio management
  • The company does not provide various languages or currencies. However, users can select any local country for a date, number, and currency symbols. The demand for WorkOtter's program and the time it takes to ensure everything is done correctly mean that customers may have to wait to use it.

About Company

WorkOtter is a just-right web-based project and resource solution provider for anybody who understands planning and resource control should be easy to start, reasonable in price, and secure.

The company was formed in 1998 by a group of Ernst & Young (E&Y) experts who had spent three years executing PPM methodology for their customers. Before the platform, project and resource management professionals would travel across the state to help organizations improve their business practices. Their research discovered that the client’s solutions were too difficult to support and costly to implement. Thus, they created Work Otter, a simple and logical solution. The service provider gives its customers a distinct edge over their rivals and enables them to expand their business.

Work Otter has perfected its 30-day implementation approach over the last 20 years. An Excel-based setting populator for the provider’s API-based provisioning is the first step in creating a WorkOtter account. A lead engineer from the company works with the client for two days to evaluate the present state, visualize the future scenario, and identify gaps that will be time-boxed into the 30-day implementation term.

The solution has a 30-day strategy in place after the two-day training program, which includes client education, information transfer, verification process, and dashboard installation. Similarly, they interface with Microsoft Project and Jira, as well as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Project Libre, among others.

Constant phone, email, and online help are all available to customers. Additional dashboards, coaching, best practice advising, and other services may be provided to customers through unused implementation hours.


  1. Management of Projects

A broad range of capabilities is available to project managers in Work Otter, including the ability to plan and track activities and deliverables and monitor risks, goals, and interdependencies. Management can detect and address problems before they affect the portfolio by making project data available to all stakeholders. The Automatic Two-way Data Syncing feature ensures everyone can access the same information.

  1. Management of a Portfolio

Teams may manage several projects on a single roadmap using Work Otter. It is not difficult for project managers to grasp the concept of “What If?” scenario planning using drag-and-drop techniques and time limitations. The system handles requests, priorities, decision making, project management, and post-project evaluations. This tool lets users see how alternative recruiting and budget decisions affect future projects.

  1. Dashboards and Reports

Many client-designed reports and dashboards are available in the system. In addition, a dashboard graphic designer is included, which makes it easier to create and customize displays and makes PMO presentations more enjoyable. Dashboards and reports may be tailored by corporate, department, or individual users and sent to different stakeholders.

  1. Management of Resources

It is easy to predict using WorkOtter, which provides precise Supply vs. Demand information, enabling users to understand when to start, who to recruit, and when projects will conclude. The team members may analyze what they can do with the resources they already have or what more help will be needed to complete the initiatives they are already committed to. This allows managers to allocate better work based on the strengths of their teams and provide regular feedback to the workers on how they are progressing. Overworked employees might be relieved of their duties by reassigning them to others.

  1. Agile Project Control

IT teams who need to respond fast to project changes might benefit from WorkOtter’s agile project management features. Improved project control, better resource administration, and two-way data synchronization are benefits of this functionality.

  1. Financial Control

Time and expenditure monitoring is helpful for project managers to keep costs and timelines in check. Metrics like projected vs. actual budget may be reported using the program.

Plans and Pricing

When using the company’s services, you will be given three scalable pricing plans, including;

Time Plan

Beginning from $10 monthly for every user, the subscription is best suited to freelancers and experts who only need a few users. Project managers and team members can send notes and updates to each other and modify project completion forecasts with the help of timesheets.

Team Plan

The Team plan has a monthly fee of $20 per user. Clients, suppliers, and team members will all benefit from it. My Home dashboards, support logs and problem updates, timesheets and costs, restricted action items, reports, email updates, chats, and collaboration are all additional capabilities available to you through the program.

Manager Plan

The $35 monthly fee for the Manager plan is aimed at project and program managers, administrators, and executives. Workflow planning, resource management, program and portfolio management, template creation, and dashboard analytics are all included in this package and the other capabilities.

Additional costs include a $6,800 one-time installation fee and a $6,000 yearly maintenance contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorkOtter?

Designed for teams of 50-200 people, Work Otter is a cloud-based SaaS solution for managing projects, resources, and portfolios. For any PMO trying to maximize their potential, Work Otter has more than 50 customizable and animated dashboards that are easy to set up, enjoyable, and deliver immediate benefit.

What is Project Portfolio Management?

With Project Portfolio Management (PPM), It is possible to control a collection of projects and programs. Portfolio managers or a project management office (PMO) often do the management. Prioritizing the organization’s strategic and business goals is a primary aim of the program. Managing stakeholder interests and mitigating risk are two key responsibilities of the portfolio manager or project management office.

A corporation’s overall strategic planning and objectives for its project portfolio are typically matched with the data collected and analyzed using PPM. With a Project Manager, you can keep track of various projects in one place. Your tasks may be tracked and managed on a customizable dashboard. You can also assign resources to different projects. You can do this and more with the Project Manager.

What is The Cost of an Upgrade?

A purchased license includes free upgrades. The WorkOtter log-in page, User’s Guide, and website are updated each month with information on the most recent build. As you continue to utilize the platform, it will improve as well.

What Is the Purpose of a Project Portfolio Manager?

To achieve an organization’s strategic goal, the portfolio project manager plays a critical part in the project management staff. Dealing with diverse financial algorithms and models to integrate projects with the company’s strategic objectives while considering risk management is usual in the role of a project portfolio manager. They frequently develop standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure consistency across the portfolio.

Are There Any Options for Payment?

SaaS customers may pay for the first month using a credit or debit card (MasterCard or Visa). Users may maintain to pay by credit card or buy order after the first month of SaaS service. PPM software is the one thing the service provider is better at than money collection. They look forward to collaborating with you.

Does the Company Give Refunds?

Please do not hesitate to contact the service provider if you think they have not met your expectations for a given month (options at the bottom of the page). They only want customers who are delighted with their experience and return every time.

What are the Choices Available for Training?

The platform can create computer-based training modules that incorporate your methods and best practices and deliver them through onsite or offsite training (such as a webinar).

How Can I Access Customer Care Service Help?

Work Otter’s customer service is one of the best features. Email support is available during normal office hours and is fast and reliable. Customer service is available around the clock. Additionally, licensed customers will not be charged an additional fee. You will not find any nickel and diming going on here.

What is a Project Portfolio?

When a company has several projects, programs, and procedures that are all handled together, it is referred to as a project portfolio. Both functional and organizational approaches to portfolio management are viable. On the other hand, a portfolio is a long-term commitment to maximizing the allocation, prioritizing, and timing of resources across many different initiatives.

Which Services Does the Company Give?

Other value-adding service options include ad-hoc report creation, personalization (hosted, enterprise, and onsite versions), counseling, and Work Otter admin chores, in addition to the standard setup, setup, and coaching (move, cleanup, and setup data).

Is the Company Right for You?

Yes. Work Otter organizes and simplifies the often-confusing responsibilities of project management. The dynamic graphics and reports will let you monitor and communicate project progress with your team members daily. The dashboards are customized to different user responsibilities, which helps you keep data private and simplify for your personnel to obtain information related to their specific function.

Without relying on each other for updates, your project team can effortlessly monitor the project’s progress and timetable. Even though we have tried a slew of project management applications over the years, Work Otter remains to be the most user-friendly and the most easily integrated. This service provider is highly recommended if your company needs project management, gantt chart analysis, and document storage.