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Zendesk Review 2022 – Top 10 CRM Software

Your company’s success depends on providing exceptional customer service. It must be easy to use and familiar with the average customer’s concerns. Only an efficient help desk solution could appropriately solve the urgent situation. Resolving difficulties brought by your consumers requires this step. For customer satisfaction, ensure that they can easily contact you when they need it. Regarding help desk software, Zendesk is an industry leader with a wide variety of tools and features to match your needs.

Help desk technology serves several purposes, including resolving client concerns via self-service or a live agent, tracking satisfaction, and making your employees’ operations more efficient. Customers (for external customers), IT (for internal workers), and business (for teams outside of IT, including legal, finance, and HR) are all accessible. Using a dependable help desk solution to improve your customer service may save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Verdict
Zendesk Zendesk

The service provider's extensive capabilities will bolster your customer service efforts. It's a top-notch support desk application. It was designed to meet the needs of support teams of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors. You may benefit from the software's ability to provide omnichannel help. Likewise, automated support procedures are possible.

It is a fantastic tool for building a strong knowledge foundation. Your employees and customers will gain from this solution, making self-service articles easier to locate. There is a wealth of data and analysis available in all features. A data-driven team searching for an in-depth performance examination would benefit greatly from using the platform.

  • The service provider is a popular choice for organizations because of its numerous advantages and vast features. So many parts of your company may be improved by using the platform. It can be readily integrated with ERP, accounting software, reports, analytics, CRM, social media, and more. Here are some of the benefits;
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • While resolving client difficulties, it's tough to multitask. Keeping the notes while talking to a customer will not result in substantial leads. If your support staff is juggling many projects at once, you should expect a decline in productivity. When you incorporate the software into your customer support operations, things become simpler and faster.
  • A cloud-based phone system, for example, may be integrated with the software to make it easier for the support group to answer customers' questions. The call will be routed automatically if the number dialed matches the contact listed in the service provider's database. Self-help desks reduce customer
  • Constant Interruptions
  • Users may run into data uploading and exportation issues when using the platform. Worse, data might sometimes be lost or deleted for no apparent cause.
  • User Unfriendly
  • It's challenging to get a handle on the software at first. Without the help of a sales agent, it may not be easy to navigate.
  • Costly
  • It's a tad costly for small and medium-sized businesses. The price is steep, but the features are worth it.

About Company

Zendesk is an all-in-one customer support solution that covers all the bases. However, its help desk service is one of its strongest suits. It’s created to build relevant, personal, and fruitful customer interactions via design and function. The software helps businesses evolve towards proactive, self-service interaction by offering a dependable support system.

The company’s help desk software sets the stage for a better user experience for your firm. It aids your customer service representatives in keeping track of, prioritize, and resolving support requests. With the help of automation and time-saving features, your consumers will appreciate the user-friendly cloud-based software, while your agents will also benefit from it.

Many industries may benefit from the app’s capabilities, including merchants, small businesses, companies, human resources departments, IT departments, and educators. In addition to allowing you to carry your help desk system wherever you go, this hub consolidates all your discussions, solves issues quickly, and gets the necessary information from your clients, among other benefits.


  1. IT Help Desk

The service provider’s IT help desk assists internal workers, such as password resets or system outages, by providing multiple contact points. This method makes monitoring difficulties, solving problems, and obtaining help with goods or services easier. It has the following elements:

  • The ITIL Procedure: This may be achieved without the usual complexity of customizing ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) deployment.
  • Automation: Teams may use it to manage issues, problems and work orders in a streamlined way.
  • Macros: Repeated issues are solved by pre-determined solutions.
  • Labeling Concerns: A broad range of tickets may now be grouped, reported, categorized, and archived more efficiently.
  • Integration of IT Asset Management Systems: Thanks to a comprehensive integration, you may use it to keep track of your devices even if you are not in the workplace.
  1. Help Desk

The service provider is a single hub that integrates all you need to improve customer service and experience. Collaborative problem-solving and self-help tools for clients are included in the software.

  • Updates in Actual time: A real-time picture of the system’s activity, such as who is examining a ticket at any particular moment, helps your staff be more productive and efficient in their work.
  • Teamwork Between Agents: Whenever a concern emerges, your agents use personal comments to exchange information and work toward a solution as quickly as possible.
  • Automation of The Help Desk: Automatic chores, such as dismissing dormant ticket notifications and informing management of a new problem, save time for your agents.
  • Macros: Recurrent customers often ask for the same information, so customer service professionals build and provide customized standard responses.
  • Fields for Submitting Requests and Tickets: It’s a great way to learn more about your customers and provide them with more relevant customer service.
  • Customizable perspectives: Ticket state, category, assignee, and many other factors are considered when agents examine their queue.
  • SLA Management: To handle the SLAs, agents can specify their criteria and use up-to-date measures to track the progress of a single ticket because of the built-in SLA.
  • Apps for Smartphones and Tablets: Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets allow agents to react to customer inquiries on the move.
  1. Insights and Analytics

With its simple-to-use interface, the company’s help desk solution is one of the best for customer service. Data-driven knowledge may be used to strengthen client connections. The program converts data into usable and relevant insights using visual styles and point-and-click features.

  • Customer Insights: To improve the user experience, you may see how they engage and utilize your goods, services and support channels. You may also observe whether consumers are pleased or dissatisfied.
  • Evaluation of Results: Assign and manage assignments with productivity improvements in mind by analyzing and monitoring your team’s functionality.
  • Recommendation-based Dashboards: You can tell which analytics are essential to customer satisfaction and team leadership when you see this.
  • Personalization: A simple and straightforward way to build dashboards and reports without resorting to SQL.
  1. Ticketing System

The company’s ticketing service includes the following:

  • Multi-channel: The services may be accessed by email, social networking sites, chat, phone, messaging, and SMS.
  • Multilingual: More than 40 languages may be used to get specialized help material. It may be used in macros, depth of knowledge articles, events, and automation, to name a few examples.
  • Multi-brand: It’s intended for different support mechanisms, business regulations, geographies, brands, goods, and assistance centers.
  • Workflows: Service personnel ensure that each ticket is channeled, allocated, and elevated via procedures so that no inquiry or problem is lost or forgotten.
  • Audit Trail: A thorough audit record of each discussion, even if it extends across numerous agents and channels, is available to your agents.

What is the relationship between them? Support inquiries from many sources are centrally collected into a single inbox using a ticketing system, much like a shared inbox. Customers may reach your organization in various ways. Still, your representatives might find it challenging to return to earlier problems or provide the necessary context when responding to these requests. The feature eliminates inconsistency in customer service by making it easier to reply quickly and consistently to their concerns.

  1. Self Service Portal

Users and agents will benefit from the provider’s Guide, a self-service service built on a smart level of understanding. This service has been created to meet the needs and preferences of the 73 percent of millennials who desire to find solutions to their questions on their own rather than wait until a live person responds. A self-service portal is critical because most consumers have positive feelings about their experience with the firm and their ability to address problems. The self-service help desk has the following features;

  • Information Database: For a better user experience, an internet knowledge base that can be customized includes features such as an audit trail of modifications introduced to its authenticity over time, the ability to save drafts while updating automatically, the power to make articles with rich formatting that are easy to read, and support for translation into more than 40 languages. This option is also available for limiting access to an internal knowledge base.
  • Help Centre:This minimizes the number of support inquiries you get via your customizable and reactive help center, which your clients can use anytime and from any location.
  • Customer’s Portal: Keep track of client requests, monitor material you’re following and check on changes and additions to your knowledge base on your own using a self-service portal.
  • Forums for the General Public: You’ll be able to get feedback on what’s working or not in your company, which can help you make better business decisions.

Plans and Pricing

The plans and pricing include;

Essential Plan

The Essential plan is the most basic price model, ideal for solitary support agents and small teams. It costs $5 per agent every month. The essential assistance center includes a web widget, mobile SDK, knowledge base, and email.

Team Plan

The plan costs $19 monthly per agent. It is best suited for small and medium-sized groups. The team package has all of the Essential features and some extras like business rules, social messaging, and performance dashboards.

Professional Plan

The Team plan’s capabilities are included in this option, which is geared toward expanding companies. Every agent should pay $49monthly to access the services. It provides follow-up surveys, dashboards, reporting, and monitoring Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Enterprise Plan

Businesses of all sizes may benefit from the Enterprise plan’s extra features for $99 per agent monthly. Dynamic workspaces, customized roles, and guided mode are included, in addition to everything else in the Professional version.

Elite Plan

The Elite plan is designed for organizations that want to get the most out of the platform’s capabilities, and it costs $199 per agent monthly. This one stands out for its sophisticated encryption and security compared to other plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Program Dependable?

Help desk software from the service provider has been adopted by thousands of large enterprises across the globe. It provides dependable service and a comprehensive feature set to assist your business in forging stronger ties with its clients.

What Are You Known For?

The organization offers a ticketing system to track, manage, and resolve customer service contacts. The service provider is more than simply a help desk, enabling you to develop your customer experience with customized, timely assistance across any medium.

To What Extent Do You Believe the Software is a Useful Tool?

As of the most widely used help desk applications, the solution is utilized by thousands of large corporations across the globe. Your business will benefit from its dependable service and comprehensive features, which are all geared at fostering stronger ties with your clients.

How Easy is it To Use the Platform?

Get going right away. Implementing the software is simple, no matter how complicated your setup may be. Quickly expand and grow your business without worrying about cumbersome administrative duties.

Where Do You Store Information?

The service provider has data centers throughout the United States, Asia Pacific, and the European Union, where it hosts its services. Information may be stored in any location. To specify the area in which portions of their service data are housed, customers may purchase an add-on called “data center locality.”

Who Are the Main Competitors?

One of the major rivals is Freshdesk, which has an intuitive user interface and a broad feature set to match Zendesk. The program has everything you need to run a successful help desk, from ticket administration and multi-channel assistance to knowledge base building and social portal features.

Is The Company Right for You?

At times, it might not be easy to choose the best answer. There are other factors to consider, such as the convenience of use, main features, and pricing strategy. Another consideration is whether the software is compatible with the overall culture of your business or not. Does this mean that Zendesk is the best option for your business?

The service provider, a renowned help desk solution, can provide you with a complete set of tools to assist your company’s customer service initiatives. All sorts and sizes of support teams may use it, regardless of the industry in which they are employed. Omnichannel care and other support-related operations may also be automated using the platform. As a bonus, its extensive knowledge base builder will aid your personnel in providing assistance and your consumers in finding self-help articles. To top it all, the modules from the service provide good statistics and reporting. Many data-driven teams may benefit from this tool.

Regarding customer service software, you can’t go wrong with Zendesk. There is no harm in giving it a go. Instead of just reviewing it, test it out for yourself with a free trial. If you don’t like the platform after the free trial, you can always switch to one of the market’s most popular options. A support desk solution is simply one component of today’s push toward digital transformation for organizations. Recall that they add an increasing number of SaaS products to their IT stack annually.