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Zoho Assist Review 2022 – Top 10 Remote PC Access Software

Zoho Assist is a good option for an all-in-one remote support software and unattended access solution. Remote assistance and unsupervised access need a different pricing plan, but they may be accessed from the same user-friendly dashboard. Several tools are available to help technicians solve client problems swiftly and remotely manage groups of machines.

You can do everything using a broadband internet connection, from uploading two gigabytes of data to restarting and rejoining without ending a session. In addition, the service provider is readily integrated with different used corporate workflow applications.

The Verdict
Zoho Assist Zoho Assist

Customer relationship management software like Zoho is a great choice. There are two price options available: one for small to medium-sized organizations and one for larger firms with greater demands and a larger budget. Another factor contributing to Zoho's high ranking is its flexibility. It's effective for a wide range of businesses across several sectors. In addition, the design makes it easy to use since it emphasizes essential functions on the main page. As a result, getting the information you want is now much simpler.

  • Simple to Install
  • installation and setup are quick and uncomplicated right out of the box. As a result, it's an excellent option for small to medium-sized groups needing a fast start. You won't waste time figuring out how to set up, execute, and debug the system.
  • Setting up the CRM is simple if you don't have a tech staff in-house. Each stage of the procedure is explained in detail, so you don't have to worry about anything. Starting with a basic configuration, you may add extensions and connectors to tailor the system to your company's unique requirements.
  • Adaptable
  • The provider's adaptability means that it can be used by many enterprises, no matter their CRM software demands. Similarly, the firm provides a variety of setup options. You may use the Zoho. Assist Marketplace in installing extensions and connections to help you manage your money, enhance sales, and more. Many free extensions don't need code to connect to your current system; however, not all do.
  • Mobile Application
  • Using
  • No More Functionalities on The Free and Some Paid Plans
  • Although the free edition is a good place to begin, the free version's offerings are not enough to get you very far. Many of Zoho's functionalities are only available as part of its more expensive pricing tiers.
  • Even if the more powerful Professional version costs only $20 per month, Zoho falls short when offering a free or low-level bundle with all the capabilities you may want.
  • Complaint Handling Waiting Lists
  • Chances are you'll have questions about using a product like Zoho CRM, which offers a seemingly infinite number of add-on functions. However, there are instances when you need a human being to talk to and receive the answers to your questions, and Zoho has a hard time with that.
  • User complaints about being on wait for more than 10 minutes and or having to go through several exchanges to get a simple query answered have been common. Maybe not a deal-breaker, but certainly not enjoyable.

About Company

For several years since its launch in 2005, Zoho Assist has provided great Cloud-based software products. Approximately 3,500 people work for this privately held company. Because it does not depend on outside funding, the firm can focus on providing services rather than responding to investor concerns. Two of the company’s core principles are focusing on R&D and satisfying the customers. These are the two key areas where the corporation invests more than in marketing and advertising. Businesses may use their tools to solve issues, plan, and provide good customer care.

The service provider has launched many items throughout the years. An integral function is available now that can move a corporation to the cloud. The firm, unlike its rivals, does not wake up one day and find a big void in its product range that it must immediately fill rapidly with acquisitions to appease its investors.


While the company has many valuable capabilities, its packages are tier-based, and not all plans have every function. It is essential to evaluate the plan’s characteristics before signing up. The following are a few most fantastic services:

  1. Communication

Realtime chatting, document exchange, file and session transmission, and screen capture are included in all subscription plans. Annotations, screen switch, audio and video conference, session notes, and screen sharing are all included in some plans. For remote assistance or unsupervised access, these options are helpful.

  1. Remote Connectivity

Link to faraway gadgets irrespective of their state with the company. Even devices in hibernation or sleep mode may be remotely awakened with the help of Wake on LAN. Additionally, you may restart and reconnect to remote machines without losing your session, which can be helpful when making system modifications that need rebooting devices. Users may schedule and reschedule remote help sessions, which is an advantage. By doing so, you’ll be able to prepare for future sessions with remote support customers.

  1. Integration Services

It’s easy to connect to other products using the platform, as well as Google Workspace, Spiceworks, and Zendesk. This is in line with the merger choices made by its rivals. You should appreciate that an API may link the service provider to Kiosk, Android and iOS applications, OEM devices, IT service operations, and leading CRM systems, allowing you to create bespoke apps.

  1. Protection

The safety options provided by Zoho are similar to those provided by the industry. All systems, including Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Macintosh, and Android, may be safely accessed. End-to-end SSL and AES 256-bit encryption protect all data. Zoho implements these security measures in addition to the multifactor authentication and distant screen blanking features. In addition, it is compatible with anti-virus software and may be used over firewalls or proxies. With these security steps, you can defend yourself from cyberattacks when accessing equipment from afar.

Plans and Pricing

For remote assistance and unattended access, Zohoassist has two main solutions. The possible options in every core category have a significant effect on cost. There are reductions for larger groups, and the service provider has a scale discounts calculator you can use to determine how much money you will save. With a yearly pledge, small companies may save around 15%, represented in the pricing given below.

A free 15-day trial of the company’s service is available. In the case of hybrid-remote workers, the free package may allow them to utilize their work and personal computers from any location.

User Account Control (UAC) compliance, clipboard sharing, Mac support, user administration, organization duties, one concurrent session, and integration with Zoho desk salesIQ are all included in the free plan. The paid plans include;

Standard Plan

The free edition of Zoho doesn’t provide as many advantages as the standard version. Paying annually will cost you $12; paying monthly will cost you $18.

This level includes all the features of the free plan, as well as scoring systems, email analytics, and a lot more freedom for personalization. This is essential to tailor it to your requirements, rather than the generic needs supplied in the Free Edition. The maximum database size for the Standard plan is 100,000 records.

Professional Plan

When you upgrade to the Professional plan, you’ll have access to many valuable tools to help your business succeed. Everything in the Standard plan is included, but you will also be able to utilize it for process management, inventory management, and Google Ads connection. The yearly Professional plan costs $20 per user monthly, whereas the monthly plan costs $30.

Enterprise Plan

Small-to-medium-sized firms will benefit from this approach. It has all the elements of the Professional level, plus a few more. There are two types of consumers, vendor, and partner portals: Zia AI, an artificial intelligence helper, is also available. You will like the Command Center, which allows you to tailor the client experience.

Choosing Enterprise will give you access to additional customizability options. Specific features include page layouts, modules, buttons and web tabs. Build and deploy your applications as well. For an annual subscription, this plan costs $35 monthly for every user, and for a monthly plan, it costs $45.

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan is everything you need for the best out of Zoho. In addition to the Professional plan’s features, this plan adds even more. Zoho Analytics is included at this level, which provides a wealth of additional choices and insights. Analyzing data has never been easier than this self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics application.

In addition to data augmentation, there is more storage space accessible. Likewise, you will get a 30-day free trial when you choose this level. A year’s subscription to the Ultimate plan will set you back $45, or $55 if you pay monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zoho Assist Safe?

Yes, it’s completely safe. SSL/256-bit AES encryption techniques are used to protect all communications. In internet banking and payment operations, this is the norm.

How Does the Service Provider Operate?

To participate in a technical support event, your client must accept the invitation and download and install a run-time program on their computer. During the session, your remote customer can renounce remote control or screen sharing anytime. You or your distant client may uninstall the program after the meeting ends. Once deployed as a service on a remote computer, it will stay there until you decide to uninstall it.

What is The Best Way to Get Reports Tailored to the Needs of My Technicians?

Reports, available to the admin of your organization’s account, allow you to keep tabs on your specialist’s usage. It’s easy to see technician-specific required details after logging into your account and clicking the Show in Reports and then Technician option.

How Many Computers Can I connect to Unattended Access?

Each plan restricts the total number of computers that may be connected. At least five computers may be added to the Free plan, whereas the Standard plan allows you to buy and add an unlimited number of computers.

What Occurs if You Activate Verification?

Remote consumers will be given a choice: accept or reject a time-sensitive confirmation text.

Is There a Way to Switch from a Traditional Paper Bill to An Online One?

Click ” Manage Subscription” on the link Payment option to switch to online transaction. Auto-renewal is a major advantage of online billing. Likewise, you may avoid delays by changing plans, upgrading, and purchasing add-ons at any time without contacting the sales staff.

Zoho Assist’s Recurrent Payments: How Do They Work?

Auto-renewal of monthly and annual memberships will continue until you discontinue the services. The price invoiced to your credit card before your membership automatically renews will be sent to you in a pre-renewal email. After completing the activation, a confirmation email with the next renewal date will be sent to you.

What Are Your Payment Options?

Customers may pay using any major credit card, including Visa and Mastercard, or electronic check like PayPal (you must have an account with the company to enable transactions with it). For annual subscriptions, you may pay through bank transfer or check exchange

Can I Customize Email Invitations for Consumers?

Yes, you may use the email template function to tailor the message of the email invitations sent to users. To make your email invitation stand out, you may add custom fields like technician, customer, organization, and invitation to join. Basic formatting capabilities, such as bold, italic, underline, and font color/size, are also included.

Zohoassist Allows Me to Conduct How Many Continuous Sessions?

Your buying price plan determines the number of sessions you’ll get. The Free Plan allows you to run one session at a time; the Standard Plan will enable you to run two sessions at once; the Professional Plan allows you to run four sessions at a time, and the Enterprise Plan will help you conduct six simultaneous programs.

What languages can I utilize Assist Zoho in?

To your liking, you may change the language and local time under the “Locale options.” To obtain the selections, go to the settings menu, then to the general preferences. The languages supported by the service provider include French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Is The Company Right for You?

The decision to use Assist Zoho is unquestionably the greatest way to boost your company’s productivity. Your business can use various options to increase total revenue with the service provider. Regarding paying, remote support and unattended access are two independent products, yet they operate from the same home page.

Your customer’s email account is all you have to get started with remote help. You can view a remote screen, initiate an immediate session, or plan a future support appointment. Your customers will get an announcement or session ID in an email. After that, you need a fast download from the consumer side to start working on their device and swiftly troubleshoot or resolve any issues they have encountered. Features like text, voice, and video chat make it feel like you are sitting beside your consumers during your scheduled meeting.

Delivering a prepared email to the appropriate location and running an operator on your remote workstations are all that’s needed for unattended access. With a simple click of “join,” you or your technicians can immediately take complete control of your remote machine. Diagnostic tools, file sharing, power management, and the option to welcome other technicians in your organization to remote devices may be quickly accessed via the menu on the left.

It’s becoming more common for businesses to allow their staff to focus from home or a remote location. Zoho Assist’s unattended access makes it possible for hybrid workers to connect their software and computer tools safely through SSL and 256-bit AES encryption, so they don’t skip a beat.