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Zoho Books Review 2022 – Top 10 Accounting Software

Zoho books is a reputable accounting software for small businesses. This accounting software is packed with different features. This accounting software plan features are affordable and can be accessed via any browser.

Zoho-books software features include inventory management, accounts payable, automated payment reminders, and recurring invoices. The accounting software is also packed with different plans and can be upgraded to grow with your business.

The Verdict
Zoho Books Zoho Books

Finding the right accounting software to help you manage and run your business can be a headache. This is because entrepreneurs try to find a reasonable balance between the price of the software, its usability options, and the net worth of their enterprise.

Zoho books accounting software offers the best solution for the microbusinesses’ accounting nightmares. For all freelancers, consultants, individuals operating e-commerce, sole proprietors, and home-based business owners, Zoho software has you covered.

This is affordable accounting software that highly performs. You are also presented with an opportunity to upgrade to higher plans anytime your business grows to integrate its new demands. The mobile offers entrepreneurs a portable office to interact with their accounting tasks. ZohoBbooks accounting software is a perfect option for microbusinesses.

  • Zoho-Books accounting software is packed with many advantages for its users. Zoho book features that stand out include the following;
  • Affordability
  • Zoho’s software price plans are very affordable to even small businesses. With the lowest monthly subscription of &15.
  • Automation
  • Zoho software helps its customers save time with its automation features giving them ample time to focus on running their business. This accounting software has automated most day-to-day accounting tasks reducing financial error and guaranteeing standard operations and results.
  • Zoho accounting software can quickly convert estimates and sales orders into recurring invoices or a retainer. The software also allows for creating and sending automated billing and payment reminders to clients based on the set client’s schedule.
  • Zoho Client Portal
  • Business owners benefit from these awesome Zoho books features. This feature enhances collaboration between clients and the user/ owner of the business. Zoho’s client portal al
  • The Zoho accounting software has a few setbacks that you need to consider before settling for its use. The drawbacks include:
  • The limited capacity of 5,000 transactions per month in the highest plan will challenge fast-growing businesses in the future.
  • The software can support multiple businesses using one account. However, a separate subscription fee will be needed for each organization.
  • Zero books free trial plan is only limited to 15 days, unlike their competitors that offer a 30-day free trial.

About Software

Zoho is online accounting software for micro and medium-sized businesses. Services. This accounting software allows business owners to automate business workflows, manage finances and allow multiple working across departments.

Zoho is among the highly preferred accounting software for many businesses. This software offers end-to-end accounting, easy collaboration between you and your financial team, and integrate platforms from an array of apps to help you remotely manage data.

This accounting software is packed with features that help you perform services like Banking, time-tracking, report generating, contacts, inventory management, receivables, and payables.

This software offers clients affordable and simple subscription plans that can be tailored to meet your business demands. ZohoBooks plans include standard, professional, and premium plans with costs starting from 15 a month. This software offers a 15-days free trial to its users before purchasing desired plans.

This accounting software can also be integrated into many apps to help add more features to the already subscribed plans for customized operations. Some apps that can be integrated into the software are Stripe, G Suite, Forte, Zoho Analytics, Square, and Zoho CRM.

Software Features

Accounting tasks are time-consuming and tedious to manage. Many business owners agree that they are more interested in accounting software that will help them save time. This accounting software does exactly that. It saves time and gives authentic results.

Zoho accounting software’s online payment and automation features are among many others, including:

  1. Automations

Zoho accounting software is a time saver due to its accounting tasks automation capability. The software can be customized to automatically perform tasks like tracking expenses, sending recurring invoices & payment reminders, and showing billing notifications. The software allows you to automatically categorize your transactions by creating bank rules.

  1. Online Payments

This accounting software lets you connect popular payment platforms like Square, PayPal, Wipe, and Worldpay to your accounts. The linking between the accounts and the payment gateways gives your customers the flexibility to make instant payments online.

This linking also allows you to conveniently keep track of received and pending payments while giving your customers an easy and convenient way to make payments.

  1. Mobile App

This accounting software has a mobile app to give users easy access to their data. However, unlike its competitors, The Zohobooks app is compatible with many devices, including iPad, iPhone, iMessage, Apple Watch, tablets, Android phones, smartwatches, and Windows phones.

These apps support multiple users and allow you the luxury of controlling the data seen by the other users. These mobile apps support services like invoice & estimate management, upload receipts, tracking expenses & payments, viewing your dashboard, and running reports.

  1. Time-Tracking And Project Management Tools

Zoho subscription plans have time tracking and project management features that allow you to track billable hours and create tasks. These features allow you to create fixed or hourly billing options for your employees or ongoing project.

  1. Invoicing

ZohoBooks accounting software makes the management of receivables and invoicing easy. This software allows you to send your clients customized statements and receive multiple currency payments. The available templates in the software allow you to customize your invoices to reflect your brand.

Zoho accounting software facilitates timely payments from clients. The software can set up and automatically send reminders to clients, sparing you the hustle of chasing after a client’s pay. You can also receive payments from different currencies while ZohoBooks record it in your currency.

This accounting software allows you to validate transactions before sending them. You can also set create recurring invoices for regular customers and use a digital signature to prevent forgery of invoices.

  1. Estimates

This accounting software estimate tools allow you to create estimates easily with the click of a button. After you send the estimates and they are accepted, you need to click a button to convert the estimate into an invoice.

The software has several estimate templates to choose from. You are also free to customize the estimates into a reflection of your company. Zoho’s accounting software’s client portal allows the sending and approval of estimates in real-time without requiring long calls.

  1. Client Portal

The accounting client portal is a platform that allows the sharing of recent transactions, feedback, estimate approvals process, and bulk payment. The client portal allows you to interact with your clients to gauge their satisfaction and receive their views and complaints.

The client portal is an interactive platform that allows you to expedite estimate levels, simplify the payment process, free up your schedule, allow customers to self-manage, and inform you via real-time alerts.

  1. Expenses

This accounting software allows you to track your account payable to hint at how well your business is doing. Zoho books accounting software allows you to track expenses, trace bills, and record customer credits, among other functions.

Zoho offers you a single platform to track your expense outlay for your business. Expense tracking includes things like employee per diems and monthly office supply purchases. This accounting software gives you control to track your company expenses, categorize the expenses and an option to bill them to clients when needed.

Zoho-books allow you to automate expense generation for your common expenditures. You can create a recurring profile for such expenses and let the software do the tedious work of recording them for you.

  1. Bills

Zoho softwaree allows you to create, send and manage bills. The software can automatically adjust your stock levels when your ordered goods arrive and are received. However, to make this possible, always create an open bill for the purchases when ordering the goods.

This accounting software allows users to create recurring bills for frequent purchases. The billing tool allows you to add additional costs to your bills during purchases to help you calculate a fair selling price of the items.

Zoho software has features that enable approval of transactions and bill verification before they are reflected in the user account, lowering the risk of making incorrect transactions. Zoho books subscription plans make billing simple by allowing instant creation of bills from finalized purchase orders with a click of a button.

Other features of this accounting software are:

– Banking

– Inventory tracking

– Purchase & sales order

– Vendor portal

– Report generation.

Plans and Pricing

Zoho software is among the best in the market because of its affordable pricing. Zoho price plans allow micro-businesses to use the software and grow their business comfortably. Zoho-books price plans are affordable to the microbusinesses and offer excellent features that can be customized to fit the demands of various businesses.

This software is available in three service plans with specific features. At an additional fee, clients can add a few optional features to their subscribed plans or upgrade to a next-level plan. You can choose to adopt a monthly subscription plan or an annual plan. However, the annual plan has greatly discounted prices. The three Zoho service pricing plans include Standard, Professional, and Premium.

Free Plan

This Zoho software plan is available to users without any cost. The plan supports only one user and is available for a trial period of only 15 days. The plan allows for the integration of the Zoho app and other apps into the system for customization.

The plan has features and tools that facilitate users to:

  • Manage clients.
  • Manage invoices of up to 1,000 per annum, client portal management,
  • Offline/online payment.
  • Automate payment reminders, multi-lingual invoicing, expenses & mileage tracking, recurring invoices, interrogations, and bank rules and reconciliation.

The Standard Plan

This plan allows a maximum of three users for a monthly subscription of $15. Subscribing to this plan gives you access to services that help you manage a maximum of 50,000 invoices. This service plan supports voice, Chat and Email.

You will also be a beneficiary of the following services: connect to fetch bank & credit card feeds, recurring expenses, predefined user roles, project expenses & invoice tracking, bulk updates, transaction locking, and custom views. Reporting tags, timesheet billing, and payment

The Professional Plan

This service plan requires a $40 monthly subscription and supports up to five users. The professional plan also supports chat, voice, and Email features. This subscription plan also offers all the features in the standard plan and many others.

The professional plan has features that support: Sales approval, retailer invoices, payable made, billing, vendor credit, recurring bills, sales orders, purchase orders, purchase approval, currency adjustments, multi-currency handling, price lists, stock tracking, custom rules, landed costs, timesheet approval, retainer invoices for project profitability, and journal templates.

The Premium Plan

This plan supports a maximum of 10 users and costs $60 monthly. Subscribing to this plan gives you access to your custom domain and all the features included in the Standard and Professional plan.

In addition to those features, you also get access to: Vendor portal, budgeting tools, custom buttons, web tools, three branches, multi transaction number series, and ten custom modules. This plan also allows integration with Twilio and Zoho Sign.

Additional Users

To support additional users in any of the three plans: Standard, Professional and Premium, you will pay a monthly cost of $2.50 in addition to your preferred plan’s subscription fee.

Snail Mail Credit

Should some of your customers request to receive hard copies of their estimates and invoices, purchase the snail mail credits at the cost of $2 each. Zoho will print the estimates and invoices and send them to your hard-copy preferring clients for you.

For customers in the US, the sent mails take five business days to get delivered at the cost of one credit. Sending mails to international customers costs two credits, and the mails take 10- 15 days to be delivered.

Auto- scans

This add-on feature scans all uploaded documents to the Zoho-books like vendor invoices and receipts. This auto scan feature requires a monthly subscription of $8 for 50 scans. The automatically scanned data is extracted to create new transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Zoho-books has an easy sign-up setup. On the sign-in prompt page, fill in your email address, company name, and contact number and choose a preferable strong password for your account. Once you sign up and log in, you will receive a free 14-day trial of the products with all features.

Am I bound to Zoho software forever?

No, Zoho-books does not bind anyone with any contract or commitment. This accounting software offers its features on a subscription basis, meaning you are free to pay or cancel your subscriptions ass you please. Should our services fail to meet your expectations, you are free to cancel the subscription anytime and request a refund.

For how long is the free plan free?

Zoho’s free plan is unlimited to clients whose fiscal year revenue is below 50K USD.

How many invoices can I create in a year?

The free plan allows you to create up to 1,000 invoices. The standard plan allows 5,000 invoices and a maximum of 10,000 invoices in the premium plan.

How many bills can I create yearly?

The professional plan allows you to create bills up to 10,000 and a maximum of 25,000 bills in the Premium plan each year.

How many users can I add to the Premium plan of Zoho?

The premium plan allows the addition of up to 10 users. However, you can add additional users to your plan at a cost.

Are my transactions secure?

Transactions are secured through double-factor authentication and SSL encryption.

Can I run more than one business?

Yes, you can link your account with multiple businesses but different organizations.

Do you store my credit card information?

The software database does not store your credit card information

Is The Software Right For You?

If you are a small or medium-sized business, this software is the right one for you. Standing out among the best accounting software, you probably should consider adopting it for your business.

Zoho accounting software is affordable and offers cost-friendly monthly subscription plans with varying features. This accounting software is easy to use and will perform the accounting tasks for you effectively, including creating and sending invoices.

To foster customer relations, this accounting software operates a client portal platform allowing real-time interactions between you and your customers.