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Zoho CRM Review 2022 – Top 10 CRM Software

Increasing leads, driving sales, and monitoring performance are the main goals of Zoho CRM, a commonly used customer relationship management tool. It extensively uses AI, and its business intelligence capabilities may help remote teams get more together. AI-powered assistants like Zia can help sales teams identify the most likely convert consumers, allowing them to focus their attention effectively. Creating a unique CRM for any business is simply because of the platform’s easy integration with hundreds of popular applications and tools.

The Verdict
Zoho CRM Zoho CRM

If you're looking for a product that will help you manage your customers through data analysis, the service provider is the best alternative. The software's capabilities help you keep track of your client interactions as they grow. It allows the company to allocate resources and pay attention to the value of client connections.

As our Zoho CRM review has shown, the ability to cater to each client's specific needs means that the company may achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to improved financial results. When it comes to dealing with customers and establishing long-term connections, there is no better strategy. It streamlines sharing of information and facilitates the breakdown of the communications process between many parts, beginning with marketing and ending with the completion of the purchase. It's a good approach to meet the demands of your consumers and clients.

  • Easy to Use
  • Zoho's setup is convenient and uncomplicated right out of the box. Its quick start and low learning curve make it a great alternative for small to medium-sized teams. You will not have to spend hours studying how to install, deploy, and debug it. The setup is simple, even if you don't have an in-house IT staff. Clear instructions and explanations are provided for each stage in this procedure, so you won't have to deal with any issues. You'll probably start with the fundamentals of your installation and then add expansions and connectors to customize the system and make it best function for your firm's unique requirements.
  • Flexibility
  • The tool's flexibility makes it suitable for different enterprises with varying CRM software requirements, including small startups and large corporations. Besides that, the service provider gives a bunch of configuration options. Using the Zoho Marketplace, you may enhance your business's financial management, sales performance, and efficiency
  • You May Pay More
  • In terms of premium pricing, you may have to pay extra to receive an important function. When it comes to Google Ads compatibility, for example, the Professional plan is required. Costs might build up if you are paying by the number of users, but if it's an asset to your business worth investing in.
  • Poor Connection
  • Likewise, some of the company's customers have reported poor connections at various times. This is something to keep in mind, even if your situation is different. Do not expect Zoho CRM to function like software that costs a lot of money and requires a lot of time to deploy. The company is a sure pick for mobile-friendliness as long as its capabilities meet your demands. However, consider Salesforce CRM if you're looking for a more robust solution.

About Company

Throughout its existence, Zoho has focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In other words, they understand how to assist your business reach its full potential. One of the best things about this CRM software is how simple it is to use. If you don’t have a specific employee to handle client relations, you may still maintain good interactions with them using it. It’s easy to use and contains all the features you’ll need to keep your clients pleased. Even though Zoho is the best CRM for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is only one of several available solutions for managing client relationships.


How do you select the best CRM for your company as a business owner, and what should you consider? In addition to the usual customer relationship management capabilities, the software provides unique features to firms prioritizing mobile use.

  1. Apps for Mobile Devices

Some CRM mobile applications provide the bare minimum of functionality, such as access to records and notes. As a result, the company’s smartphone applications offer crucial features like analytics dashboards, teamwork tools, map connectivity, voice notes, and call tracking to make the CRM usable to remote and mobile employees. Using Zia, the company’s artificially intelligent assistant, salespeople can do routine tasks like updating data, making comments and monitoring the sales funnel. Text-based or natural-language orders may be given to Zia to react to them. The keywords that you use may also be customized.

  1. Customization

Zoho CRM’s subscriptions have certain customizability features, such as custom fields and list view. It is possible to design complex custom views and layouts and add custom controls and conditional fields to the Enterprise level. Added custom modules and fields and superior customer service are included at the Ultimate tier of the subscription model.

  1. Data Analytics

Strategic decision-making is made more accessible with the help of Zoho’s CRM metrics and analytics. Personalized reports and group metrics allow company leaders to view data from many aspects by aggregating information from marketing campaigns, quotations, leads, transactions, and sales activities. Using Zoho’s AI-powered Anomaly Detector, you do not have to worry about spotting possible barriers in your sales process manually. CRM reports may be created from scratch or using a template and then exported and shared as CSV, Excel, or PDF files. With the company’s mobile app, you no longer have to be confined to an office to keep track, zoom in, share, and show important data.

  1. Basic Level Comprehensiveness

In contrast to many other CRM systems, Zoho’s admission plan includes many functional CRM capabilities. There are several insights and dashboards, various pipelines, specified roles and profiles, a content collection, and the option to send bulk emails to users of the Standard plan, all of which are included. Additionally, you’ll be able to save up to 100,000 records. Comparatively, you can only have 1,500 contacts with your lowest Keap package.

  1. Integrations

When it comes to integrating all of your favorite apps, there is no better CRM than Zoho. It has over 40 local apps and interfaces with hundreds of widely used software. Essential apps like Google Workspace, which allows customers to modify details in Excel and see them replicated in Zoho CRM, have a wide range of options. Most integrations are supported by short videos that explain the app’s capabilities. These have made the process of integrating considerably simpler for use.

  1. Leads

After “Home” on Zoho’s homepage toolbar, you’ll see a drop-down option for “Leads.” This indicates how significant leads are to the platform. Using the program, you may gather all the persons or representatives of a company with whom you might get a client.

Similarly, you can utilize the Sales Signals tool to monitor your leads’ contacts with your brand across many mediums, such as emails, cold calls, surveys, and networking platforms, and get alerts when your prospect views a new portion of your website. If you know where your leads spend the most time on your site and how long, you can use this information to assist your sales team turn them into long-term clients.

Plans and Pricing

Zoho may be used by every business, regardless of size or budget, thanks to its different price choices. You can get started with CRM software in your business even if the lesser plans restrict what you can attain with them.

Three people may utilize the free plan at a time. Beyond this point, you’ll be charged at a higher rate. The free edition includes lead, contact, account management functions, reporting, and analytics.

Standard Plan

The free Zoho version lacks several features that the standard plan provides. A year’s subscription costs $12/month, or $18/month if you pay monthly. However, the cost per user is a lot higher. If you have two workers utilizing Zoho, the annual fee is $24 or $36 if paid yearly or monthly.

It’s easy to ignore this, but it impacts your monthly spending totals if you do. There is no need to have many users on your Zoho account, especially if you are a small business.

This level of Zoho includes all of the features of the free plan, as well as scoring systems, email analytics, and a lot more freedom for personalization. This is essential to tailoring Zoho to your requirements rather than the broad demands supplied in the Free Edition. The plan has a maximum of 100,000 records in the database.

Professional Plan

A few major features are included in the Professional plan, which may benefit your business. All of the features included in the Standard package, plus inventory management, Google Ads connections, and Zoho process management, are available. Annually, the Professional plan costs $20 per month for each user, while monthly plans cost $30.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise package may be better if none of the other options meets your requirements. Small-to-medium-sized firms will benefit most from this plan, designed just for them. It has all of the features of the Professional level, as well as a few more.

There are two types of consumers, vendor, and partner portals. Additionally, Zia AI, an AI assistant, is available, which makes predictions and gives ideas. The Command Center, which enables you to customize the client experience, is another thing you’ll like.

Choosing Enterprise will give you access to additional personalization options. Unique features include page layouts, modules, buttons, web tabs, and several other components. Additionally, you’ll be able to create and distribute your applications. This plan costs $35/month/user for an annual contract, and for a monthly contract, it costs $45/month/user.

Ultimate Plan

To access most of the services, you’ll need the Ultimate plan. Everything that the Professional plan offers, plus more features. Likewise, you will receive Zoho Analytics at this level, giving you access to a new set of capabilities and data.

The Ultimate plan has a larger storage capacity, a more range of customization options, and the ability to supplement your data with more information. You’ll also receive a risk-free 30-day trial when choosing Zoho at this level. An annual subscription to the services will cost your business $45, while a month-to-month fee of $55 will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use the Services?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software like Zoho is a great choice for businesses of all sizes. SMBs will benefit most from the lower levels of the price structure. In contrast, larger organizations with more complex requirements and a greater budget will benefit most from the higher tiers, such as Ultimate.

Is it Difficult to Understand Zoho CRM?

Starting with a CRM system might be a bit intimidating. It might be challenging to know where to begin when there are so many options and settings to choose from. After a while, you’ll better grasp the product and its features. This CRM is very user-friendly and clear to get started with.

Is Zoho Assist secure?

The answer is yes, without a doubt. Encryption methods like SSL/256-bit AES protect all conversations regarding online banking and payments; this is standard procedure.

How Can I Tell the Difference Between a Lead and a Contact?

Leads are basic information on people or representatives of companies collected together through trade exhibits, seminars, commercials, purchases, and other marketing initiatives.

Contacts are the representatives of the corporations with whom contact is set up to explore a potential commercial deal. It is the main method of communication between a firm and its customers in a typical B2C situation.

Recurring Payments in Zoho CRM: What Are They?

Membership auto-renewal will run until you stop using the service. You will receive a pre-renewal email with your credit card bill before your membership renews. When the activation is complete, you’ll get a confirmation email with information on when your subscription will be up for renewal.

Can I Convert Leads at Any Time?

You have a lead when potential customers show interest in your company’s goods or services. You may turn a lead into an account, a contact, or a prospective customer throughout the follow-up process, depending on the point at which you perceive a chance with the lead.

Can Leads Be Assigned to Many People in an Automated Manner?

You may use Lead Assignment Rules to simplify allocating leads to CRM users. Set up lead assignment criteria based on your organization’s lead distribution procedure so that leads obtained by importing or via online forms are automatically allocated to the right sales teammates.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes. The Service provider is the best option for your business because of its usability. Users may swiftly switch between traditional, customized, and custom website displays in Zoho’s dashboard. Many sales-related activities, notifications, and features are at your disposal in the top navigation bar. Still, you may add components and reorganize your page to fit your requirements better. Open tasks and leads take precedence over everything else on the sales agent’s customized website.

The “Feeds” notification module can be accessed from the top-level menu. As if you were all sitting in the same room, you may speak with your colleagues working from home and exchange your thoughts to speed up the decision-making process. Likewise, there are vital alerts if a key lead or agreement changes. As a system of reference and collaborative space, this area ensures that distant teammates are always on a similar page with the same facts when used effectively.

You may utilize the modular dashboard-building tools if you need a bespoke solution for yourself or other sectors in your company. Using the drag-and-drop technique, you’ll be able to create a unique homepage for your company in no time. By saving and sharing your dashboard, you can make it available to anyone in your organization at any time.